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I Have to Buy a Gift

I have to Buy a Gift

" I have to buy a gift" A phrase that strikes fear into the most capable

of women.

We have all kinds of occasions for gift giving. Some are joyous; like babies, birthdays and Bat Mitzvahs. Some  feel a bit obligatory; weddings of fourth cousins removed, college graduations of a child you haven't seen or heard from since your kids went to kindergarten together. 

But let's consider the gifts we give and receive from people who are involved in our lives and are important to us. Think about the gifts you have received. All gifts are to be appreciated ,yet you can always tell when the giver really discovered the perfect gift for that moment.

We all know the holiday shopper who prides herself on getting all of her shopping done by purchasing the same gift for all the women on her list. is it a lovely gift, perhaps. Does one gift really fit all? No, it doesn't.

Gift giving is an art. it takes thought and  consideration. If you are going to the effort to give something, why not have it be a representation of the relationship you share with the recipient?

Giving the perfect gift doesn't require you spend hours and money you don't have.  It means becoming the 

Best. Ever. Gift Giver.


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