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I Cheated Myself...

Listening to the radio and the late Amy Winehouse is telling me how I cheated myself...

And damn if she isn't right.

I have. I am.

And it's all around getting social with my business. Social media that is.

Surprised? Then you must be one of the many who love, Love, LOVE tweeting, posting and sharing through your days?

I am not a member of that club. I have tried, really.

I have taken just about every social media class for entrepreneurs.

I have read the posts.

You know those posts that promise 1M Twitter Followers in 24 Hours!

As if! Yea right! In your dreams!

I have joined ALL the Facebook groups that promise to help you grow your Social Media presence.

I even told myself I, too, will love socially exposing my innermost deepest secrets and feelings and enjoying doing so.

Sigh. Not gonna happen! No way, Jose!

So, in honor of those who really adore all things social, and for those of us who struggle, I present you

Our Lady of Social Media

I have one burning close to every device I have. I am stepping into the fray armed with intention, hope. And candles. Lots of candles.

Don't cheat yourself. Get one (or two) today. Intention is everything.

And talk about cheating ones''s a little Amy to shop by.


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