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Disorganization Relief

The Prayer

I open my heart and my disorganized life to you and beg your assistance to bring clarity to my desk, my closets, and my addled brain. Help me sort my clothing and shoes by color and season and organize my spices alphabetically. Guide me to pay my bills on time and file my receipts neatly rather than using them to line the bird cage. Bestow on me the faith to store reports and correspondence on my computer and not keep copies piled under my desk just in case. And if you find me worthy, lead me to those pliers for which I’ve been searching for years. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Repeat prayer three times, while lining cereal boxes by height in pantry. When finished, affix file label to candle, light, and file under “C.” After firemen have departed the premises, install new organizational systems throughout and start off with a clean slate. Good Luck!

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