Be the best gift giver ever!


Susan here, curator and keeper of Everyday Icons.

So what's the big deal?

As you browse through Everyday Icons, you’ll find a wonderfully unique selection of great gifts that will show your gift recipient that you were listening. . . really listening. That their pain, heartache and frustration were heard. That their dreams for a different life were noted. That they are truly cared for.

Look, I know the candle will not shorten the grief, it won’t cure the disease, and it won’t fix the financial concerns. But every time they look at the candle, they might smile. They will think of their friend who gave it to them. For a brief moment, life is just a tiny bit brighter.

And who doesn't want life to be a tiny bit brighter?

Everyday Icons is the festive and fun site you come to when you need that “just right, really cool, slightly whimsical, quirky and maybe a tiny bit twisted” gift for someone dear...

...or for yourself!

What's my role?

I will be attentive. I will make your order with love and happiness while listening to lots of really great music. I will pack your order for the long haul and should a break occur [gasp] or a postal snafu develop [double gasp], I will be right here to make it right.

[Now in case you need it, you have permission to be good to you and get a candle for yourself. Really, it's fine!]


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