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Are you seeking a delightfully different  product that will make your customers smile and just know they have to have one?

Do you appreciate a sense of humor? Are you seeking wholesale suppliers you can connect with?

Well honey, I am throwing my hat into the ring! 

I am a one-woman shop and am always grateful when I can showcase my candles in fun and festive places. I enjoy getting to know my retail shop owners and I look forward to working with you to provide you and your customers the perfect gift for their friends, family and even themselves.


Order Specs & Minimums

You may order as few or as many as you would like. Any combination of candles is perfectly fine. And if you order 24 or more in each order, then I will pay for your shipping.

The $$

The wholesale pricing  is $8.00 per candle.


Shipping makes me crazy and my guess is it isn’t your fave issue either. If you order at least 24 candles per order, I will pay the shipping fees. If you order less than 24 candles, I ship at a flat rate of $12.95 per box. I ship USPS.


I use all environmentally friendly wraps: the bubble wrap is recycled, the boxes can be broken down and recycled and my shipping peanuts are starch based and water soluble. Each candle is individually wrapped while being surrounded by music and joy and sent off to its new home with a pat on the back and a wish that they help their intended smile and giggle.

About the Candles

  • The candles are made in the U.S.
  • They are approximately 8 inches tall, glass votives with a two inch-wide top.
  • The wax is domestic paraffin with a clean burning, 100% cotton wick.
  • They are siblings to the more serious icons you may see in religious settings.
  • They are sometimes referred to as "novena candles."
  • The art is UV protected so it won’t fade.
  • The art is applied by hand when you place your order and each candle sits just a bit differently so no two candles are ever exact (no matter how much I would like them to be) the candles must be at a certain temp or the artwork will not adhere and any attempt to convince a candle or its intended artwork otherwise is futile.

Damages & Replacements

Should any of the candles arrive damaged (gasp) please let me know within 72 hours of receiving your shipment and I will get to work on your replacements.

I replace and ship at my expense.

So how do we get started?

All you have to do is email me at with your order. To save time just note the candle SKU number and the amount you desire of each candle.

If you want to chat just email your phone number and we will get together via phone. Once we get your order sorted I can give you an estimated time for producing and shipping.

 I accept payment via PayPal for your security.

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