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Everyday Icons - Home Renovation & Remodeling Relief Everyday Icons - Home Renovation & Remodeling Relief

Home Renovation & Remodeling Relief

The Prayer

place my feeble soul in your hands that you will come to my aid in my home home renovation/remodeling project. Protect me from skyrocketing cost overruns, unreliable and incompetent workers and contractors that say “weeks” but mean “eternity.” Spare me the indignity of low-flow toilet regulations and ensure the paint on the walls actually somewhat resembles what I chose. And on my knees I beg thee that my home will not look like a war zone forever. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Sweep sawdust off available surface, place candle on blueprints and light. Repeat prayer once for every contractor fired. In extreme cases, repeat prayer continuously and consult “do it yourself” books. Good luck!

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