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Everyday Icons - Our Lady of Abundant Caffeine Everyday Icons - Our Lady of Abundant Caffeine

Our Lady of Abundant Caffeine

The Prayer

With trembling hands I humbly beg you to guide me to the divine peak of rich, mountain-grown flavor. Strengthen me with your miraculous energy that I may tolerate the demands of family and co-workers, and fortify me against life’s myriad annoyances for yet another day. I beseech you to comfort me in times of hangover and deliver me from those who would serve me decaf. And in times of need I ask you to ensure that I am always near a clean, unoccupied restroom. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Place candle on coffee filter and light. Repeat prayer while grinding beans. Repeat continuously while waiting for first cup to brew. Keep supply of chocolate-covered espresso beans nearby in case of power failure. Good Luck!

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