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Everyday Icons - Our Lady of Comfort Food Everyday Icons - Our Lady of Comfort Food

Our Lady of Comfort Food

The Prayer

Oh Goddess of Guilty Pleasures, in these uncertain and stressful times, I humbly beg you to shower me with an abundance of foods that elevate my spirit and calm my hungry inner child. Indulge my desire for potato chips, ice cream, and homemade cookies as they take me directly to my happy place. Banish all negativity with brownies, fudge and other chocolate goodies more powerful than antidepressants. And with the most fervent desire of my soul, I implore you to bless me with the solace of steaming plates of pasta, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, whose carbs and fats are more soothing that meditation or yoga. Amen

Directions for Use 

Light candle and place on platter surrounded by your five favorite comfort foods. Recite prayer once before each serving you eat. Continure praying and eating until absolute bliss is attained. Good Luck!

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