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Everyday Icons - Our Lady of the Trailer Park Everyday Icons - Our Lady of the Trailer Park

Our Lady of the Trailer Park

The Prayer

I place my feeble soul in your hands that I may always recognize my blessings as a mobile home owner. Protect me and mine from the destructive effects of tornados and floods, and save me from suffering holding tank overfill. Help me keep in focus my dream of owning a “Double-Wide” as I search for a partner with fewer than three tattoos and most of their own teeth. And with the most fervent desire of my heart I ask that I never see any of my neighbors pictured on “America’s Most Wanted,” Amen.

Directions for Use 

Place candle on TV tray in front of velvet Elvis painting and light. Repeat prayer three times while scratching lottery tickets and picking teeth with matchbook cover. Good luck!

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