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Everyday Icons - Powerful I.R.S. Protection Everyday Icons - Powerful I.R.S. Protection

Powerful I.R.S. Protection

The Prayer

I place the devotion of my sorrowful heart at thy feet so that I may be spared the disgrace of an I.R.S. audit. In your knowledge instruct me in the successful completion of my 1040 form and ensure my accounting balances properly. And in my urgent need I humbly ask that I will find every single deductible receipt. Amen.

Directions for Use 

When W-2 forms arrive, immediately light candle with rolled-up dollar bill. Repeat prayer three times and when dollar finishes burning blow out candle. Do this ritual every day until April 15. Avoid all television programs, magazine articles, and newspaper accounts of wasteful government spending. Good luck!

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