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Everyday Icons - Prayer for Unbridled Fun Everyday Icons - Prayer for Unbridled Fun

Prayer for Unbridled Fun

The Prayer

I surrender to the power of your laughter and beseech you to grace my life with lots of friends willing to dress up in silly hats and feather boas and make fools of themselves in public. Grant me the freedom not to care what others think, even if they point and stare. Bestow upon me a family who encourages me in my reverie and occasionally cleans the house while I’m away. And please, I beg of you, shower me with carefree fun for as long as I walk, sashay, boogie, or strut across this earth. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Gather your friends around you in a public place such as a restaurant or bowling alley. Set candle on a purple cloth and have each celebrant recite the prayer three times, while dancing like no one’s watching. Toss inhibitions in the air and giggle like schoolgirls. Good Luck!

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