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Everyday Icons - Protection from "Dates" with U-Hauls Everyday Icons - Protection from "Dates" with U-Hauls

Protection from "Dates" with U-Hauls

The Prayer

With the most fervent desire of my soul I ask for your powerful protection in turning back all first dates dragging U-Hauls behind them. Assist in my search for a happy and fulfilling relationship without the pressure of an immediate commitment. Hold at bay any questions about marriage, joint checking accounts, and prenuptial agreements before we even hold hands. And through your great power, let me enjoy the first kiss without wondering where to put the extra furniture. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Place candle on personal ads and light. Repeat prayer once every time you feel the need to go on a date. Repeat prayer three times for every actual date you agree to. In extreme cases meet in public place and bring a chaperone. Good luck!

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