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Everyday Icons - Protection from Holiday Overindulgence Everyday Icons - Protection from Holiday Overindulgence

Protection from Holiday Overindulgence

The Prayer

I offer this candle to you and ask that you assist me in my avoidance of Holiday Overindulgence. Protect me from the continual parade of colorful homemade cookies and candies, and help me navigate a season of fruitcakes, eggnogs, and other sugar-laden goodies with my resolve intact. Let them that tempt me with heaping plates of turkey, ham, and all the traditional trimmings be turned back in disgrace. And in my urgent need I humbly ask that I find powerful antacids in my Holiday stocking. Amen.

Directions for Use 

Light candle at the first sign of holiday baked goods. Repeat prayer once for every cookie or candy consumed and continuously before any family get-together. In case of serious food damage, loosen your belt or risk explosion. Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

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