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Everyday Icons - Senior Moments Relief Everyday Icons - Senior Moments Relief

Senior Moments Relief

The Prayer

Our Lady, whose name just escaped me, I dedicate this candle to you in the fervent desire that you will protect me from one of aging’s most annoying effects- Senior Moments. I ask that you strengthen my ability to recall people’s name’s easily in social situations. But if I fail to do so successfully, please deflect attention from me with a timely cosmic diversion (an earthquake or an Elvis sighting should do nicely). Please allow me to walk further than 20 feet without forgetting what I’m doing or why. And before I’ve searched every acre of the mall’s parking lot looking for a green 2-door, please help me to remember that I drove the red SUV today! Amen.

Directions for Use 

Light candle and repeat prayer three times while holding bottle of ginkgo biloba tablets. If going shopping, place candle in vehicle’s cup holder and light. Repeat prayer once for each entrance to parking lot. Repeat continuously in cases of multi-level parking garages. Good Luck!

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